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Using advanced CAD technology, we will design the entire roof, to the individual customer’s specifications, providing all calculations required and specifying all details and materials required for a structurally sound roof. Ensure your roof is of the highest quality by consulting our truss design and engineering team for a free consultation and a no obligations quotation.



Our truss manufacturing plant has been in operation since 1993 and since then we have acquired a reputation for providing only the best quality trusses. In 2008 we invested in new design and manufacturing equipment, taking delivery of a brand new, state of the art multi-head truss saw and Mark 1 CAM truss press (the first of its kind in the UK). This enabled us to triple our production capacity, allowing for the assembly of several sets of trusses simultaneously and providing facilities to produce spans of over 25 metres. We cater for all types of projects from domestic dwellings to large commercial buildings, all complying with current industry standards specifically BS 6399, BS5268-2 and BS 5268-3, as well as complying with current building regulations.



We recommend that all structural roofing timber including trusses and infill timber should be pressure treated, ensuring an increased life expectancy of up to 300% that of non-treated timber. QBS Ltd operates a 10,000lt Protim vacuum treatment plant, capable of treating up to 6 full bales of timber per day.



We realise that reliability and timely deliveries are crucial to an efficient build project. In operating our own fleet of delivery vehicles we are able to coordinate multiple deliveries each day, so that trusses and complimentary roofing materials are on-site for the customer when requested. Our fleet includes lorries equipped with hi-ab cranes, stepped frame trailers and mountable forklifts to cater for almost any circumstance while on-site.



Attic Trusses

Timber attic trusses combine the speed of erection on site of standard trusses with the open plan nature of the traditional cut roof. Attic trusses can give you several extra rooms in your house for very little extra cost in relation to project as a whole.


Attic trusses offer several major advantages:


  • Roofing a house using attic trusses can be up to 5 times faster than using the cut roof method.
  •  The speed of erection greatly reduces your ‘on site’ skilled labour costs. The purchase of the building site and skilled  labour costs make up the bulk of your total building expenses. In terms of costs, building materials (including roof trusses) comes in,  a distant 3rd place.
  •  Quality is guaranteed every time using attic trusses. Remember a cut roof is only as good as the carpenter/joiner’s individual skill and experience.
  • Attic trusses allow for further expansion in years to come. For a little extra initial outlay, the option of one or more extra rooms in your building is there for life. Even if the attic area isn’t availed of upon moving in straight away, the space will always be there if needed later down the line.
  • Attic trusses add extra value to your building. If you intend to sell or borrow against your home, the value of an extra bedroom, bathroom or possibly a gym will help add value to the overall standing of your house.

Posi Joists™

In our constant efforts to offer customers the latest in construction innovation we recently branched into the design and manufacture of Posi Joists™, an alternative to conventional timber joists or concrete floor slabs. Combining the lightness of timber with the strength of steel, Posi Joists offer an efficient, sturdy and structurally sound alternative to current floor and roofing systems. The Posi Joist’s distinctive design can be used in floors, roofs an can even be adapted into attic trusses, to achieve larger spans, easy routing of services and massive savings made on labour, time and costs.


Bespoke Timber Solutions

These exposed, purpose designed trusses are handmade by our team of expert craftsmen and approved by our structural engineer to give you a unique and elegant roofing option for your dwelling, that is structurally sound and compliant with building control and industry standards.


Working alongside our craftsmen, our technical team will help to assess each specific project and prepare a plan to suit your individual needs. Contact us for a quote today.


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