Building Supplies

With decades of experience in retailing to the construction industry and general public alike, our enthusiastic and learned staff will strive to offer as much help and support as possible. We pride ourselves upon our ability to identify the needs of our customers and do the utmost to fulfil their requests. With our extensive range of products, nationwide delivery and outstanding on-site service, let us at Quinn Building Supplies Ltd help you through your project.

Groundworks and Sub-Floor

In any new build project it’s important to get it right from the start and it’s better to invest the time and expense required in the groundworks and sub-floor products to ensure a sealed foundation and functional drainage system. Any oversights or errors at this stage will prove costly and time consuming to rectify later down the line. At QBS Ltd we stock all you will need to get you started:


  • Sewer, duct, water, drainage piping and septic tanks
  • Full range of sewer products, fittings, manhole covers and grates
  • Reinforcing mesh
  • Damp proof membranes, polythene
  • Blocks, cement, plasticisers, waterproofers


The main structure of the building brings with it an array of options in terms of which product to use and where. Whilst some products can be substituted for cheaper alternatives, its important that structural integrity isn’t compromised. Investments made in insulating your home, will payback in heating savings for years to come. Its also important to make the finished structure reflect the time and money invested in its appearance and so getting the finishing touches correct can often be the defining part of a new build. At QBS Ltd our knowledgable staff will give practical, impartial advice on what options are available:


  • Plywood, MDF, OSB and Chipboard
  • Range of fibreglass insulations
  • Range of polyurethane board insulations
  • Steel and concrete lintels, heads and sills
  • Bonding, carlite finish, plasterboard and render products
  • Building/Plastering sand, marble and limestone chippings

Paint and Decorating

At QBS Ltd we understand that both DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen alike require quality product, but at affordable prices, that’s why we supply the Leyland and Johnstones Trade range of paints, which can be mixed and tinted to your specification.


  • All major brand colours can be mixed
  • Interior matt, silk or mid sheen paints
  • Full range of masonary, gloss and roofing paints
  • Extensive ranges of woodstains and varnishes
  • Decorating supplies and chemicals

Agricultural and Gardening

Catering for the local farming community has always been a priority at QBS Ltd. We try to keep as many of the wide range of goods a farmer needs to keep operations running smoothly. We also keep a large stock of fencing and gardening products year round.


  • Fencing, vertical boards, railway sleepers, decking and railing
  • Posts, wire, mesh sheeting
  • Specialising in tin and corrugated cladding for agricultural use
  • Electrical fencing, batteries, chemical cleaning agents

DIY and Hardware

  • Extensive plumbing supplies
  • Electrical supplies
  • All the major brand powertools and handtools
  • PPE and workwear
  • Sealants, mastics and adhesives
  • Steel, box section, angle, round bar and on-site cutting facilities

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